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Mary Katrantzou x Topshop: A review

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Smart Mary K: Trousers, orange clutch and boots – ASOS | “Natural Urge” polo neck – Antipodium | cape – Zara | Green velvet bow from my ribbon box

I should preface this post by stating for the fashion record that I have never really been excited about a high street x designer collaboration before. Lanvin, Swedish Hasbeens, even Versace passed me by and I didn’t really notice or miss them. But the one collaboration that I have been waiting impatiently for over the last few months, lusting over images of the collection and nervously checking my bank balance for sudden miraculous growth, was Mary Katrantzou for Topshop. Since her first major collection three years ago I have adored Mary. So unafraid of colour and mind-bending prints, and consistently encouraging us to ditch our black garments and join her on a joyous acid trip through every hue imaginable. Colour, colour and yet more colour on colour with a hint of… Colour. That’s my kind of designer.

Casual Mary K: Jeans – Marks and Spencer | wedges – Marni, thrifted | octopus necklace – Rock ‘N Rose

My first impressions of the collection, based on the images circulating through the fashion press and blogland, were mixed. While the print designs were every bit as beautiful as I expected them to be, I questioned how wearable a vibrantly printed lampshade dress would be for anyone not 6ft tall with no leg muscles! In a dress like that I would certainly end up looking like only one thing: a lamp. However, the rest of the collection seemed eminently wearable for someone shorter and rounder like myself, so last Friday morning when I joined the online scrum for garments I opted for this sleeveless silk blouse. Endless rounds of page refresh and a few site crashes later, and I finally got one through the checkout. £80 is a lot more than I would normally spend on a blouse, but not only is it 100% silk, it was also made in the UK. And designed by Mary K. All solid reasons for profligacy!

Print mash-up Mary K: skirt – vintage | kimono jacket – Dorothy Perkins | shoes – Office

My blouse arrived on Saturday morning, and was then the star of several hours of dressing up (as you can see). The quality of the fabric is superb and garment is well put together and well finished. The print is as lovely in person as pictured. Initially the design looks like a bold floral print, but if you look more closely you realise that the flowers are made out of little jewels. I bought a size medium, although to be honest I could have got away with a small (I’m size 10-12 on top) as the cut is very loose. The slouchy, baggy nature of the design is part of the appeal for me though; it looks great tucked in or hanging out. This piece is the start of my summer beach wardrobe!

Did you buy anything from Mary K x Topshop? I’d love to hear your opinions!

This is the year seemingly when the high street collaborates with designers that I actually care about. Next month I will see you in the crush for Marni x H&M! Apologies in advance if I trample you. x

P.S. I have spent the last few days madly preparing for tomorrow’s MODO show, which is super exciting/scary! For more information about my debut (and possibly only) fashion collection, click here.

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  1. It is indeed a very beautiful blouse. Love the nude T-bars too.

  2. The lampshade dress was the only one I liked, haha! LOVE how you have styled this but I don’t think I could pull off the cut..

    Maria xxx

  3. I love all the ways you’ve styled the blouse, it’s gorgeous and perfect for the spring weather that’s hopefully here to stay. x

  4. The Mary K top is gorgeous. Love that print on it. You styled it really well all 3 ways. Particularly love the casual look.


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