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My debut collection, part 2: Liz Harley AW12

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Black felt cropped jacket with contrast trim and hand-knitted scarf, modelled by Andreas

Geometric cross-halter dress, modelled by Badia

So here it is, my first (and probably last) collection of clothes. Chris recorded the whole show for posterity, and even managed to shoot a video of my collection for me – thank you!! After all the mania and stress of the last few months I will very likely return to just running up the occasional dress in my spare time rather than producing a coordinated collection. But the adrenalin rush of seeing your own creations in motion on the catwalk is pretty powerful. I had major goosebumps!

Hand-knitted brown cape with contrast chevrons, modelled by Sachin

Geometric cross-halter column dress, modelled by Sophie

There now follow a lot of thank yous, because this was an incredible experience and despite getting horrifically stressed I enjoyed every moment of the final experience. Thank you to MODO who made this experience possible, my four models who were excellent, my mum and her spiral seam dress pattern, and my best friends BioElle and Hannah for their support and wooping during the show! Finally, thanks and hugs and chocolate cake to my other half Chris, who has had to put up with a lot from me over the past few months and despite having to work for a large chunk of his Saturday still came out to support me and act as ScientistChic’s principle photographer.

I have literally hundreds of photographs from the show (Chris did me proud!), and will be showcasing some of my favourite looks from the other collections over the next week or so. There was an incredible range of talent and skills on display, and some of the creations were truly breathtaking. Congratulations to everyone who took part – the whole event was a spectacular showcase of student talent.

Keep your eyes pealed on Facebook – I will be uploading more photos this week as they pass through the editing process! x

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  1. A great start! We created a video for our London Fashion Week AW12 coverage including backstage, do have a look:

  2. oooww… congrats ur creation looks beautiful…!! I like the color combination of the dress …

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  4. wow congrats your work looks really good! Nice one! x

  5. Well done you!!! The collection looks absolutely gorgeous. The dresses in particular are stunning. Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection.


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