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Favourites from MODO 2012: “The Olympia Show”

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Here are a few of my favourite pieces from other collections shown at the MODO show. I thought that the range of skills and ideas on display was fantastic, and doubly impressive considering that all of the students presenting pieces in the show are not from a fashion-related course. This is what we do in our spare time, and we love it.

I had a couple of personal favourites, pieces or shows that stood out for various reasons. Some because they were conceptually brilliant (or off the wall!), others for their beauty or simply for being extremely wearable. My favourite piece from the entire show was the sparkly midnight blue dress designed by society treasurer Aminat Omotosho. Gorgeous design and colour, this is the kind of thing that I would just love to have in my closet for a really fancy occasion. More relaxed looks were to be found in the collections of Badia Al-Hussein, who channelled a great holiday vibe, and Lucinda Dimbleby who had a slightly more vintage take on the concept of sportswear. Also channelling the sports side of the “Olympic” theme, Rosie Willard presented a collection of candy stripe dresses and shorts, and one particularly covetable men’s sports jacket. Of all the collections I saw, I found Rosie’s the most inspiring – I just wanted to head off to a fabric shop straight away to try and recreate the look!

Finally, a review of my favourite pieces would not be complete without a look at Erin Saltman’s bizarre and wonderful collection, which descended further into madness with each new look. One model rode on the back of an accompanying male model, another was carried slung between two boys, and finally Erin herself brought the final male model down the catwalk on a leash, before fainting away into his arms to be carried off. This truly was fashion as a high concept spectacle, and for me was one of the most entertaining moments of the evening!

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  1. Oh cool! The other collections look great! Rosie Willard looks really cool and the Erin Saltman show looks amazing.


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